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Leads Review

Some times know as Lead Verification or Validation. Lead verification ensures that you no longer lose or waste resources by chasing false leads. Our lead review and verification service will carefully and efficiently verify and score for quality all leads that are generated.

We will expertly verify and cross-validate all contact data, which includes the prospective customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and IP address. We use a large collection of more than 100 data sources to review and verifythe information. If incorrect information is identified, we correct and replace information so that all lead data is correct and up to date. Then, when the verification and correction are completed, we provide each lead with an overall score for quality that ranges from 0 -100. We also provide a similar score for each data point collected and verified. This information allows you to determine which leads to focus resources on and ensures that your contact records are accurate, genuine, and as up to date as possible. This service is also customizable to the unique and individualized needs for your business and revenue goals.

Customized Leads

At Leads Validation, we understand that each business is unique and that the services we provided must be just as individualized.

Regardless of the CRM that your business uses, we provided enhanced data that we tailor to your specifications. Our experts will work with you to identify unique labels, tags, and values so that we can deliver perfect leads for your business.

With these customized leads, your sales team will be empowered to connect with a larger targeted audience and direct your pipeline with complete accuracy.

Lead Enrichment

There are many options for the generation of lead data. Sources that are easily acquired and used include purchased lead lists, lead database subscriptions, or internal lead sourcing efforts. While the data may be plentiful, the quality of it is often questionable. Often this raw data is decayed and out of date. If you use such leads to drive your sales and marketing campaigns, you are practically tossing money out the window and into the wind.

At Leads Validation, we help you solve this problem by providing expert lead and database enrichment. Our team of data and sales professionals enriches your leads by gathering new demographic information that may include age, gender, profession, education level, marital status, income, household composition, and much more. The enrichment criteria is customizable to the unique needs of your business and target audience.

With this expanded data, your sales and marketing departments will be able to have a much farther reach, make better lead decisions, and target prospects efficiently.

Lead Cleansing

In a data-driven world where information decays at an astonishing rate, lead cleansing is a must! At Leads Validation, we understand that inconsistent data translates to major problems for your business and a significant decrease in revenue. Our lead cleansing service is expertly designed to improve your lead data quality and cleanse decayed, and out of date leads.

When you contract with Leads Validation to review and cleanse your leads database, you can be assured that our skilled professionals will do a complete and thorough job. We identify and remedy case issues and formatting discrepancies, such as improper case letter input, improper name input, and consistency in phone number and email formatting. We also remove unwanted characters and unnecessary white space so that you can filter data and conduct searches appropriately.

Email Validation

Communication via email is one of the primary methods of contacting prospective clients and customers. Unfortunately, email addresses change frequently, and invalid addresses translate to poor engagement as well as lost revenues. At Leads Validation, we provide an email validation service that can quickly and efficiently remedy this issue. Our thorough email validation service will successfully remove all invalid email addresses and also eliminate email addresses that have been entered into the database incorrectly or that contain a spelling error. Once we have comprehensively reviewed and validated all emails, we guarantee that your bounce rate will be lower, your IP reputation will be protected from spam alerts, and our service will improve your inbox placement as well as your email campaign performance.

LinkedIn Profile Verification

Leads Validation’s LinkedIn profile verification services separate authentic and accurate profiles from those that are embellished and falsified. In the world’s dynamic market where employment data needs frequent and consistent review and verification, it is crucial for companies to validate their leads and ensure that employment data is accurate for the companies and positions listed. Through our independent verification process, we provide validation to certify that individual profilesare accurate with regards to employment history, qualifications, education, job title and salary, achievements, and duties and other related information that appears on corresponding LinkedIn profiles. Our complete and comprehensive verification process will ensure all profiles are validated against their current and accurate job positions and employers to ensure your campaigns target the appropriate contacts for the best possible outcomes.